It all began with a great .ee domain.

Nate and Kate’s .ee explainer

Do search engines know about your website?

Although Nate is the best paper boat maker in the world, he struggles to sell his products (he uses only social media). Hobbyist Kate has been using the .ee domain for years, and search engines know all about her website. Kate owns her online home, while Nate is just renting.

The story of Nate and Kate’s wedding

Register a .ee domain for nine months!

Nate and Kate’s love for paper has developed into love for each other. Nate and Kate are getting married! In order to keep the frantic wedding preparations under control, they register a wedding domain for nine months. The period can always be extended and websites never vanish into the ether!

Mark’s story

Register a .ee domain for three months!

Entrepreneurship and business management student Mark starts a pop-up food kiosk. Mark and his friends plan to sell homemade hamburgers at festivals. Because it is just a school project, Mark registers a domain for the kiosk for three months. He won’t need a domain for longer because there will be new projects next year.

Jane’s story

Register a .ee domain for six months!

Music festival organiser Jane hires a truck to use as a stage for concerts and workshops on the music industry. She registers the domain for six months. This is long enough to hold the festival.

Let your story begin with a great .ee domain too!
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